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We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation's largest and oldest accrediting body in health care.  Please visit The Joint Commission website at for information on our accreditation and performance.  If you have compliments or concerns, we encourage you to contact Patient Relations; the department manager of the clinic where you received care; or the Commanding Officer’s Care Line at (904) 542-CARE (2273).  If you believe your concerns about patient safety or quality remain unresolved, you may report them to The Joint Commission (Office of Quality and Patient Safety), One Renaissance Blvd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60181, at, or by fax (630) 792-5636.
Care Eligibility:
See the Eligibility Officer at Patient Administration.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2006, (904) 542-7584.
Fraud, Waste, and Resource Abuse (Inspector General):
Hospital (Staff Education & Training Building 2004, 2nd Floor, Room 200), call (904) 542-7727 or email:
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):
Submit FOIA requests at:
Information and Release of Information:
The hospital’s quarterdeck, near our pharmacy, is staffed 24/7 and provides general information at (904) 542-7300 (option 3).  Medical information is protected by federal law (1974 Privacy Act and 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA), so staff cannot provide patient information.
Late Policy:
An appointment missed by you is an appointment missed by two.  To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please call ahead.  (We recommend 24 hours in advance.)  This allows us to give your time slot to another patient who needs care.
Medical Records:
Military medical records are, by law, the property of the U.S. government and must remain in our facilities at all times.  You may request a copy of your medical record or have your record transferred.  Please allow two to three weeks for copies.  If you’re separating or retiring, please allow six to eight weeks.  If you’d like your spouse (or other adult family member) to be able to pick up a copy of your medical records, you can provide us with written authorization.

Outpatient Records:  Hospital East Annex, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7425 / Fax (904) 542-7281
Inpatient Records:  Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, (904) 542-7362
Children under 18 usually can’t be treated without parental consent.  Parents can also designate a third party to give consent (this is especially important for single, active duty parents).  Please fill out an Authorization for Medical Care form at Outpatient Medical Records. All children age 10 and over need a military ID card (which can be obtained from PSD) to get treatment.  Minor children (regardless of their age) who don’t live with their military sponsor need to have an up-to-date military ID card, and need their sponsor to keep their DEERS information current. We ask that adults (who have an appointment for themselves) not bring children who need supervision.  The base Child Development Center and School Age Care programs are resources.
Other Health Insurance:
This is health insurance you have in addition to TRICARE, such as Medicare or an employer-sponsored health insurance. (TRICARE supplements don’t qualify as "other health insurance.")  Please submit information on any non-TRICARE health insurance you have to Medical Records, the clinic check-in clerk, or Collections (Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7684 / 9776).  Federal law requires us to bill any other health insurance you have for your care.  This will not result in any cost to you, and you won’t be responsible for paying deductibles for care received here.  All monies recovered are used to improve patient services.
Patient Safety:
We’re accredited and recognized by the same organizations as private-sector hospitals -- such as The Joint Commission, American College of Surgeons, and Baby Friendly USA.  We participate in national patient safety programs -- like the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, TeamSTEPPS, and National Patient Safety Goals.  Our local initiatives include a daily safety brief, Quality Council, leadership rounds, and robust process improvement projects.  We monitor and take action on potential risks, using an early-warning patient safety reporting system.
The single most important thing you can do is to be an active member of your care team. 
  • Speak Up: Pay attention. If something doesn’t seem right, alert your care team. Ask questions anytime you don’t understand.
  • Know Your Medicines: Know what medicines you take. Make sure your doctors know too. If you take more than three medicines, you should keep a list of current medications in your purse or wallet.
  • Know Your Test Results: If you’ve had a test (like a Pap or blood test), don’t assume “no news is good news.”  Call and ask.
  • Involve a Family Member or Friend: If you’d like someone to be your advocate, ask a family member or friend.   They can come with you, ask questions, and write down instructions. 
  • Surgery: Make sure that you, your doctor, the nurses, and staff all agree on: your name and birth date, what procedure is being done, and where on your body the procedure is being performed. 
  • Your Hospital Stay: Ask everyone who comes into your room to sanitize or wash their hands, if you don't see them do it.  Expect staff to introduce themselves.  You can also check their security badges.  Make sure that staff confirm your identity (by asking you your name and birth date, and checking your wrist band) when they come into your room.  Even if your doctor has given you permission to get out of bed, let staff know if you need help.  A fall can undo what you and your care team have worked hard to accomplish.  Before you go home, ask your doctor or nurse to explain how to care for yourself at home.
Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, Room 1117 (by loading dock), (904) 542-7545
Smoking & Tobacco:   
In support of the health of all patients, we proudly offer smoke-free environments. There’s no smoking anywhere at our facilities: parking lots, grounds, sidewalks, atriums, or inside.  Our Wellness Center stands ready to help you quit; please call us!

Military Health System Policies

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.