Health Services


Readiness services support warfighters’ medical readiness to deploy and fight tonight.

Deployment Health Center

Provides pre- and post-deployment services for all branches of active duty, active reserve, and National Guard (and families) across Florida and Georgia.  Also offers operational stress classes; individual, couples, and group treatment; and briefs and interventions for operational commands.

(904) 546-7099 / 7110 (at Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville)

Disability Counselor

(904) 542-7569; Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2026

Limited Duty Coordinator

(904) 542-9657; Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor.

Medical Boards

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor
Main:  (904) 542-9725
Limited Duty:  (904) 542-9073
Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO):  (904) 542-7591 / 9108 / 2249 / 9114
Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL):  (904) 542-9372

Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)

(904) 542-7557 / 9216
DSN: 942-7557 / 9216
Cell: (904) 250-6308
Email (for program management, logistics, administrative support issues):
Email (for medical providers):

Medical Transition Company

(904) 542-7558

Operational Forces Medical Liaison (OFML) / Fleet Medical Liaison

Serves as the primary point-of-contact for operational commands.  Tracks inpatients and intensive outpatients until the service member is returned to their unit.
Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2013A
(904) 542-9256
DSN: 942-9256
Cell: (904) 314-9235
Email (for program management, logistics, administrative support issues):

Email (for medical providers):

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)

(904) 546-7051 / 7052 (at Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville)

Plans, Operations, Medical Intelligence (POMI)

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, (904) 542-7458 / 9560

Pre- and Post-Deployment Health

(904) 546-7099 / 7110 (at Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville)

Suitability Screening

Required for active duty (and accompanying family members) with orders to an operational platform or isolated duty station.  This process should begin as soon as you receive orders. 

(904) 546-7004 / 7047 (at Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville)

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